Spirit Cheer was founded in 1998.

Spirit Cheer began some of the very first All Star only camps and competitions.  Their skill only All Star curriculum helped put Florida and many other southern states on the map by using creative out-of-the box teaching techniques in addition to cutting edge choreography ideas.  Spirit Cheer branded their version of fun Cheer events by partnering with the NBA through NBA fun day competitions.  Spirit Cheer has worked with organizations like the Seattle Supersonics, Portland Trailblazers, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Hornets, and The Golden State Warriors. 

Today, Spirit Cheer is known for producing cost effective and fun cheer events.  Our brand specialty of fun is designed for all ages and ability levels.  Spirit Cheer has been recognized for innovation and creativity through industry peers, periodicals and organizations.  Events are known for seeing the award winning "Crazy Leg" stilt performers.  Spirit Cheer is most proud of being the very first event producer to launch its own "Safety Initiative", in which we work with coaches and gym owners to spread the word about the value of coach certifications and credentialing.